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The Visionaries

It is the day Kailash and Sumedha arrive at Bal Ashram. As Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, yesterday Kailash met with world leaders at six different locations and today has flown from Bangladesh to Delhi, driven four hours from Delhi to Viratnagar and Bal Ashram and is now engulfed in boys as the car arrives. No rest for the weary – though “weary” is never a description for Kailash or his wife, Sumedha.

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One Family

This is the face of the future, a young girl we met in a village school for a formerly nomadic tribe, the Banjara, in Rajasthan, a northern province of India where the mountains and the desert join in an ancient landscape. Like all of the children in her Child-Friendly Village, there will be no child labor, trafficking or early marriage to rob her of childhood.

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