Generation Forward

It's rare in life to meet a person that inspires, mentors, educates and then becomes your friend and colleague. For me that person, for nearly twenty years, has been Kailash Satyarthi.

Kailash deservedly received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 for his work to end child labor, child slavery and trafficking and to promote education and human rights for children around the world.

His organization, Bachpan Bachao Andolan, has rescued over eighty two thousand children from slavery and withdrawn another 200,00 children from forced labor, often in rescue raids that involve great personal risk.

These children have never known love, freedom, had access to education or even basic security, but once rescued they are brought to Bal Ashram where their rehabilitation begins, and with it their new life.

Eventually, they find their voice and further the work by advocating for those who are waiting their turn at freedom.

That is the story Media Voices is about to tell in a new film we're making for Kailash, Generation Forward.  It's the story of a single man's crusade, but also of the determined work of Sumedha Kailash and their own children. Bal Ashram is a family with many, many children at its beating heart.

We're honored to undertake Generation Forward for our dear friends. We will be in India for three weeks, meeting and filming the children and then editing it into a series of videos for Kailash and BBA to use to advance their work. It's my first trip to India and I couldn't be more excited, Our family is joining their family to make this happen.

At a time when our government is bogged down and divided,180 million children still labor in global supply chains. The model program at Bal Ashram and the work of Kailash can be adapted all over the world and help children now, when they need it, without the delays of politics.

Please consider helping us complete this work by making a donation towards the editing which will begin immediately on our return in May. Already, donors of many years have stepped up and enabled us to say yes to Kailash and Sumedha... I can hardly wait to meet these children and bring the work of Bal Ashram to the world.