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Mexico: Asylum Elusive for Migrant Children

Central American children fleeing serious threats face formidable obstacles in applying for asylum in Mexico.

Human Rights Watch has documented wide discrepancies between Mexican law and practice. By law, Mexico offers protection to those who face risks to their lives or safety if returned to their countries of origin. But less than 1 percent of children who are apprehended by Mexican immigration authorities are recognized as refugees, according to Mexican government data.

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DREAMers Among Us

“We do live in fear, and that’s violating our rights too. Nobody should live in fear. Not having the DREAM Act right now is affecting a lot of people. And it’s affecting our human rights, and I feel that the government might not realize that.  Or maybe it does, but I don’t know why it hasn’t been passed, if that connection is made. It’s inhumane.” 

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