Roots of Change: Food Sovereignty, Women & Eco-Justice

Our current food production system is broken and unsustainable. In this visually striking short film produced by the Temple of Understanding. women at a side conference on food sovereignty at the United Nations propose a different emphasis - small local farms and female farmers rather than vast latifundia - diversity of crops rather than monoculture. 

Roots of Change envisions a revolution in values that will result in clean water and nourishing food for all: a global culture in harmony with the environment that values relationships more than things. Only with a radical system shift that liberates the voices and bodies of women can we achieve a future that is healthy, diverse, peaceful, and whole.
— The temple of Understanding
The global movement to help shift corporate capitalism
and turn us towards a sustainable and just and peaceful future
will be led by women of color.
— nina Simons, Roots of Change