Branded Childhood

Western brands are making sure their supply chains of free of child labor. That's the good news. The bad news is that until garment workers are paid a living wage, their children will be in the workforce somewhere, denied a proper education, denied their childhoods. "Clean" supply chains are window dressing without a living wage for workers.

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Uprooted: The Growing Crisis of Refugee & Migrant Children

2016 Unicef report on the 50 million children caught up in migration and war. Many of the youngest refugees have known only conflict and deprivation in their short lives. If we fail to provide them with opportunities for education and a more normal childhood, how will they be able to contribute positively to their societies? But if young refugees are accepted and protected today, if they have the chance to learn and grow, and to develop their potential, they can be a source of stability and economic progress. 

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Island of Despair

The Australian Government is choosing to subject women, men and children to an elaborate and cruel system of abuse with a policy that is intentionally designed to harm people, as highlighted in the new report issued by Amnesty International, leaving refugees to rot on the stony island of Nauru offshore. The local population abuses them with impunity, and authorities have ignored numerous cases of self-harm and assault of children.

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