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Hidden Connections: Climate Change & Child Marriage in Bangladesh

In this short documentary co-produced by Thomson-Reuters and Take Part, Bangladeshi villagers, like Brishti and Razia's parents, end up in the slums of Dhaka after floods wash out their homes and fields. It's expensive to support a girl in the city - the family risks losing honor if she is molested or raped. The solution is to marry her off, as quickly as possible. Brishti, a lively, bright-eyed girl, describes the urgency with which her father approached the question of her future: "it's like buying a chicken in the market and you have to cook it that night." Her father rustled up a husband, no questions asked. Only later did the family discover that he was already married and furthermore required a ruinously expensive dowry. Meanwhile, Razia's parents are at odds on the question of whether to marry her off immediately - her father sees no other choice, her mother is opposed. School for Razia would have been free back in the village - in Dhaka it's plainly unaffordable. The disruptions of climate change have an impact on the most intimate of family choices.