The Same Heart is the third film in the child rights trilogy. In the course of fifteen years of filming in sub-Saharan Africa, South America, Mexico, India and Nepal, it is impossible not to notice that year after year, official development assistance funding dribbles in too little and too late. But what if the funding mechanism were structured differently, so that the United Nations did not have to pass the hat for official development assistance, and beg nations to make good on their pledges?

What if, instead of reacting to the emergency du jour with appeals to sentiment, the world community saw a dignified life with adequate shelter, nourishment, education and health care as something every human being has a right to? What if a small tax on financial transactions could create a consistent pool of money to provide a baseline level of dignified existence for the one billion people living in extreme poverty?

What if we had the same heart for all children, not just our own?

Suggesting a sustainable approach, THE SAME HEART follows a dynamic Kenyan community organizer who devotes his life to making programs work from the bottom up. He is our man in the trenches. In Geoffrey’s words, "It's an approach for lasting change, if we all come at it, from the First World to the Third, with the same heart."