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Not A Day Goes By

Not a day goes by that my Inbox doesn't have a story about human suffering in some corner of the world; droughts in northern Africa, refugees fleeing civil war, children dying from HIV and other preventable diseases, hunger and malnutrition taking a toll on one third of the world's populace. In each case, human need dwarfs the international community's willingness or capacity to respond.

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We Have Enough Money to Invest in Children

For the past twenty years, I have filmed children all over the world in every conceivable form of poverty and abuse, from global child labor (Stolen Childhoods, 2004) to the struggles of street children (Rescuing Emmanuel, 2009). The Same Heart is the third film in this trilogy, and it confronts one of the central issues of our time: growing inequality and poverty with its impacts on children in the U.S. and abroad.

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