Infrastructure For Children (Winter Update #3)

© U. Roberto Romano

© U. Roberto Romano

In 2016 Media Voices for Children released its feature documentary, The Same Heart, which made the case for a tiny financial transactions tax to raise revenues to meet the needs of children, families and communities in the U.S. and around the world.

Now Media Voices has joined 61 organizations in supporting a new financial transaction tax bill just introduced in the House and Senate.

Though there have been overall decreases in the number of children living in poverty since 2010, there are still a disturbing number of children living in the richest country in the world, without the basics: food, shelter, quality education or access to health care .

41% of all children in America live in poverty, over 72 million children. That's almost a quarter of our overall population. The youngest children, under five years of age, are the poorest.

One child in five in America is hungry and will go without food at some point during the year. This is not due to a lack of available food but rather to poverty.

© U.R. Romano

© U.R. Romano

Over 1.2 million homeless children are enrolled in public schools – a half million lived in adult shelters in 2015.

The numbers of uninsured children, without access to health care, are increasing for the first time since 2010.

The financial transactions tax idea is supported by the Child Labor Coalition and been endorsed by over 1000 economists. Forty nations have or have had some form of the tax and the European Union is currently negotiating the rollout of a new FTT.

Our infrastructure is more than roads, bridges and buildings. America has long recognized the special needs of children by creating and funding programs like SNAP (food stamps) WIC (women, infants and children) CHIP (children's health insurance) and Head Start among many others. Today, our children continue to need our commitment to their futures with budgets and revenues that can match those needs, predictably year after year.

A financial transactions tax is the best way to raise those revenues.