Len Morris

Len Morris is the Editorial Director of Media Voices for Children, a documentary filmmaker, lecturer and advocate for children’s human rights. In 2012, he was the recipient of The Iqbal Masih Award from the U.S. Department of Labor for his "extraordinary efforts to end the worst forms of child labor". Len’s background is in producing and directing human rights documentaries. Stolen Childhoods (2004), narrated by Meryl Streep, examined child labor in eight countries and was described by the New York Times as “harrowing but hopeful.” Rescuing Emmanuel (2009) dealt with 100 million street children and The Same Heart (2015) examines global funding shortfalls for poverty programs and their impacts on children. Currently Len is finishing work on "Children of Bal Ashram" which follows the lives of children rescued from human trafficking. In addition to the feature documentaries, Len has produced dozens of short films for Media Voices on topics like human trafficking, domestic labor, and child labor in agriculture, access to education and gender equality. In 2002, he established an educational program for child laborers in Kenya. The Kenyan Schoolhouse has supported over a thousand children, removing them from work on the coffee and tea plantations and sending them to school. Len’s work has been shown at The US Department of Labor, The World Bank, The US State Department, USAID and on dozens of college campuses. In addition to the Iqbal Masih Award in 2012, he is a recipient of the Walter Cronkite Award and The Images and Voices of Hope Award for his work on behalf of children’s rights. Len is also a recipient of an Independent Filmmaker Award from the American Film Institute.

Georgia Morris

Georgia  is a Member of the Writers Guild Of America, East. She is a writer and creative partner in Galen Films. Georgia’s work has been broadcast on ABC, NBC, PBS, HBO, TNT, and AMC. She has written most of the projects for Galen Films and is the Co-Director of Rescuing Emmanuel and The Same Heart. Georgia writes independent plays, screenplays and is working on her second book.

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Petra Lent

Petra  has worked with Galen Films for 25 years. She has co-produced, edited or associate produced all of Galen Film’s productions, as well as written publications, marketing and study guides. Petra is an accomplished editor, having worked in film, video and the digital environment.

Chris Mara

Chris has worked with Galen Films for over 20 years as editor, technical supervisor and chief engineer. He is also a technical forum moderator and product development advisor for Avid Technology.