From a background in network television, documentaries on PBS and cowboy movies on cable Len and Georgia Morris's work took a turn in 2001, when Robin Romano showed up in the editing room with footage he had shot in India for the US Department of Labor.

Images of very young children, working like animals under horrific circumstances became the impetus for a trilogy of films and more than a decade of work focused on the human rights of children. 

Stolen ChildhoodsRescuing Emmanuel and now The Same Heart have been completed, and along the way we realized that we wanted to use the contacts and information we had gathered, along with the footage that hadn't made it into the films, to create an online resource and a community for activists in the field of children's human rights. MVC's unique video and still library has been used by hundreds of organizations, schools and government agencies. Our trilogy of documentaries on children's human rights has promoted policies to remove children from poverty and child labor. Our Kenyan Schoolhouse Program has provided direct assistance to over a thousand former child laborers in Kenya, enabling them to attend school.


Meet the Team


Len has produced and directed all the Galen Films productions on this site. An advocate for children before Congress and internationally, Len’s speaking engagements range from universities to global conferences.


Georgia is a member of the Writers Guild Of America. Her work has been broadcast on ABC, NBC, PBS, HBO and TNT. She has written most projects for Galen Films and is the Co-Director of Rescuing Emmanuel and The Same Heart.


has worked with Galen Films for 25 years. She has co-produced, edited or associate produced all of Galen Film’s productions, as well as written publications, marketing and study guides. Petra is an accomplished editor, having worked in film, video and the digital environment.


has worked with Galen Films for over 20 years as editor, technical supervisor and chief engineer. He is also a technical forum moderator and product development advisor for Avid Technology.